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1. The customer may return the purchased goods by notifying the AKUKU in writing within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

2. Replaced or returned quality goods must meet the following criteria:

2.1. The goods must be not to worn and without external wearing signs (this criteria does not apply to the return of a defective product);

2.2. Each return item must be packed in suitable packaging to prevent damage during transportation;

2.3. The goods must not be damaged;

2.4. Returned goods must be labeled with all product labels and have their merchandising appearance.

3. If the goods are made according to the client’s individual order or obviously adapted to the client they are not changed and can not be refunded (the money paid for such goods is not returned to the customer).

4. An alteration in the appearance of the product or its packaging, which was necessary for the inspection of the item received, can not be regarded as a material change in the appearance of the item.

5. When the reason for the return of the goods is inadequate quality, AKUKU undertakes to change the goods of inappropriate quality at its own expense or to return the money paid for the goods. Inappropriate quality goods are changed or returned in accordance with the “Rules for the return and exchange of goods, approved in 2001 June 29, by the Minister of Economy Order No. 217 “.

6. The customer who has received the product of inappropriate quality shall submit a written request to AKUKU, which indicates the defects of the product and their desire to change the product or return the money paid for that product.

7. In all cases, upon returning the goods, the customer must provide a document confirming the purchase of the goods (invoice, cash receipt or payment statement).

8. In order to return the item, the customer must inform the AKUKU by the e-mail (to the address ). Return of the item is performed by filling the form provided by AKUKU. The form must indicate the return item and the reason for the return.

9. The amount of money paid is returned to the customer not later than within 5 business days after the return of the goods. The money is transferred to a bank account, which the customer must specify on the return form.

10. If goods are returned or exchanged for a quality item matching the client’s order, the delivery fee will not be refunded to the customer and will not be reimbursed.

11. AKUKU has the right not to accept the goods returned by the customer if the customer does not comply with the established procedure of the return of goods.